Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

Portugal offers tax advantages for new residents

In September 2009, Portugal introduced in the tax code, a new special tax regime that had as main objective the capture of investments and foreign investors. These changes offer considerable tax benefits for those here if you want to establish as well as extremely attractive conditions for retirees are subject to tax charges well above in your country of residence.


What advantages are these?
Residents "not usual" to come and receive income from employment and independent conducted in our country, will be taxed at a special rate (IRS) of 20%, irrespective of the amount of the income.
The granting of an exemption from taxation for income obtained abroad, such as income from employment and independent, building brigadists, capital gains, interest, dividends and other investment income, since verified certain conditions.


Can read in the Decree-Law No. 249/2009 of 23 September the tax advantages for taxpayers, who will be entered in the register of taxpayers of IRS as non-habitual residents, which acquire tax residence in Portugal for the first time in 2009 or in subsequent years and that have not been tax resident status in Portugal in any of the 5 previous years. (link to the investment tax code on the official website Portuguese Finance Portal)


These changes have had special acceptance by the pensioners Swedes that can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year if they switch to Portugal. According to the Swedish newspaper AftonBladet, the interest of the pensioners in Sweden live in Portugal increased 200 percent in just two years.


The same newspaper also cites calculations from a tax planning company, which shows that a move to Portugal can spare a couple of retired Swedes about 223 million kronor (about 22,300 euros) per year. The beaches, the Sun and the kindness of people allied to favourable taxation, vis-à-vis Sweden and most European countries now allow Portugal to compete at any other destination considered more traditional. The region of Portugal which has since always the largest number of European investors for the purchase of new housing is the Algarve due to advantageous conditions that offers the quality level and lifestyle, mild temperatures throughout the year, security, natural beauty, friendliness of the people, and much more ...

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