SME Leader 2010 - 2017

SME Leader 2010 - 2017

Since 2010, Rodrigues & Vermelho has been distinguished as a PME Líder

PME Líder – Distinguishing the best SMEs


The “PME Líder” companies are proposed by one of 10 banks operating in Portugal and must obey the following criteria:

   • Small or medium-sized companies; 
   • Rating issuing by a bank. Standardization is achieved by converting these ratings into the highest levels of rating (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) of the National Mutual Guarantee System; 
   • Growing turnover or growing EBITDA or positive net profit; 
   • The turnover should be of at least €1.000.000,00; 
   • The financial autonomy should be of at least 30%; 
   • Minimum of 8 employees.

After confirming the information sent by the Banks, IAPMEI issues the “PME Líder” label which will be valid for one year.
With the issuing of this label, IAPMEI has managed to create a database with the best SME’s in Portugal.

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