Buying process step by step...

Buying process step by step...

From the visit... to the delivery of the key!

At Rodrigues & Vermelho we accompany our clients from day one, so let us explain the main steps for the realization of your dream:



> Step 1: Visit


 Having an idea of the intended property (a lot, an apartment, a villa, a store, a warehouse or an office), the customer contacts our services and schedules the day and time that is convenient to meet with us. On that day, one of our employees will be with you during your visit (to the desired property) and will clarify any existing doubts.



> Step 2: Reservation


 If there is an interest in a particular property, the customer may, without any commitment, request an exclusively verbal reservation for the period of 48 hours. For this reservation, you are only required to inform us of your name and contact number.



> Step 3: Promissory Contract of Purchase and Sale


 The contract between the customer and the company is prepared, including the identification of the company, the identification of the client, the complete identification of the property in question and all the terms agreed to between the company and the customer.

 Note: If the customer so chooses, the contract may be reviewed in advance by their lawyer or even written by them.


 For the contract, the following documents are required:

● ID Card (CC) or Passport;

● Proof of Portuguese Tax ID Number;

● Information about Marital Status, Marriage Rule and Address;

● Payment of a deposit to be agreed to between the customer and the company.


(Property Acquisition through a bank loan)

 To purchase the property using bank credit the following documents are required (requested by the bank):

a) Building's Location Plan; (*)

b) Property Plan; (*)

c) Building Passbook; (*)

d) License of Use; (*)

e) Permanent Property Certificate; (*)

f) Income Statement (IRS);

g) Identification documents (ID Card or Passport) and/or others requested by the bank.


(*) Note: a), b), c), d) and e) - documents provided by Rodrigues & Vermelho.



> Step 4: Deed and registration


 Prior to signing the deed, the customer must pay the Municipal Transactions Tax (IMT) and Stamp Duty (IS) associated with the property to be acquired (as per tables under effect).

 From the moment in which the property is completed and all its documentation ready a date will be scheduled for the deed of sale. Which formalizes the purchase and transfer of the property to your name upon full payment.

 After the deed is signed, the keys will be delivered to the customer, the property becoming legally theirs.

 The act of the deed will be paid for by the customer and it may be retrieved from the respective Notary Office a few days later.

 The definitive registration in the Land Registry can be made by the Notary or by the customer after the completion of the deed.

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